Tips To Buy And Implement A SIEM Solution

Use following checklist to make sure you are on the right track to choose the SIEM solution. The whole process takes 1-4 weeks based on your dedication and vendor availability. Remember the worst thing is being in rush in five four steps: Write a plan Write down all the steps you anticipate and maintain documentation […]

Three Reasons To Trust SECURE TARGET

Articles will be revealing in many aspect of information security and information technology in general, but why would you trust SECURE TARGET? Being blunt by default and straightforward about root causes of tech insecurities is not common at all. You will soon experience (if have not already) how the Computer Security business is not different […]

Commitment: The Sole Reason Behind Hackers’ Community Supremacy

Are hackers ahead of IT security? Why the balance between two parties of hackers and security folks (it is hard to consider them a Community!) has been lost for a long time? What made a big gap when there was not such a huge difference in 90’s? Many factors are involved: knowledge, intelligence, team work […]

Five signs IT is overwhelmed with operations

There are signs before your IT department faces a disaster or worse, jeopardize your business by affecting tech operations in different departments. Those are signs of an overwhelmed IT so let’s take a look at common signs and symptoms: 1) Lack of resources Whenever your IT staff are always talking about lack of resources be […]

Five Reasons to Start Your SIEM Initiative Today

Regardless of how SIEM in today’s cybersecurity marketing campaign is driven mainly by Compliance, which solutions is the best, and whether it should be managed or on-premises, Security Information and Event Management is conceptually accepted among security professionals so here’s my top reasons to consider SIEM implementation as one of your cybersecurity initiatives: Another tool […]