Tech Staff Justifies Incompetence!

Have you ever listened to your tech team trying to justify all the tasks left behind, delayed or procrastinated?

Do you have an IT team brining excuses for every project there are facing and try to blame everything except the root cause?

Then you are not alone! Here is a known list of IT staff excuses. Knowing the pattern and reasons behind help us managing our team smarter:

Lack of resources: we do not have enough resources!

The best of the best excuses ever, a generic excuse for all types of failure and when staff wants to show how much they are busy and swamped with everything, how much they are doing their best and the only problem why bunch of tasks and projects are delayed is that because there is not enough resources.

Actually, the best description here is lack of resourcefulness!

False positives, false negatives: cannot trust the data!

A trick to overlook an alarm and justify the reason to ignore it. Imagine you have probably missing patches, nodes which have not got their malware updates, software which has been screaming for a reason…and staff simply ignore it just because there has been some instance of false positives.

Tool limitation: we need better tools!

Being tools oriented at the first place is a flaw within most tech staff and no surprise that they want to blame tools rather than blaming themselves of not having knowledge of using tools, or choosing right tool.

Spontaneous nature: IT is so dynamic!

A very clever way of justifying every single failure. Of course, you won’t blame them for breaking things and fixing things just by luck if you believe that the nature of IT operation is being spontaneous.

Later this week/month/year!

The classic way of accepting and procrastinating, a very well-known pattern of ignorance when there is no other way around. Simply saying they are going to do it this coming week which it may end up not done for a year.

No budget: needed money!

It is hard to debate when the subject is money. Staff brings a solution which requires money. No one challenge the validity of solution, but everyone accepts the need for money so it turns super easy to rely on money and have it handy as the excuse.

The legacy: that is not what I put there, it was there before I join!

It means I won’t take ownership of something that someone else configured. Interesting, because when you are hiring them, they are going to fix everything messed up by a previous person but then everything changes.

Dedicated staff: our team is tiny!

Dedication is really good to have but in reality, we face departments where people at least have a secondary or tertiary hat to wear. Talking about size of a team is ignoring human intelligence and ignoring the fact that we have actually technology taking care of many aspect of our duties so especially as a tech savvy we need to able utilize technology to handle the quantity and we could handle the quality.

By Kaveh Mofidi

I find simple solutions for huge and complicated problems. I believe information security and computers in general are fun to deal with, but our problems are way bigger than securing information. The real deal is to find solution for unlimited clean energy, drinkable water, mitigate root cause of hunger, war, and injustice...We need to keep our planet livable, that is our real problem on the Earth! Contact me with any question or comment:

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