Does Internet Act As A Valid Source Of Information?

Internet was built with the initial goal of providing the most validated data to the corresponding party. Today we are so far away from that mindset but still, how much we can rely on the data provided via the Net?

The answer is simply depends on the source of data. People usually believe what they read and see on the Net, especially if it’s Wikipedia, Google reviews…but in fact those are not valid source of information. Most of the times the information is not even accurate, regardless of the fact that information providers are prone to be censored in a very tricky way if what they say is not favorable.

As an example which does apply to this weblog, if I wanted to participate in Google AdSense program, I would not be able to question Google services, or criticize Wikipedia because based on Google policy, you are not eligible if you are targeting an specific group of people, companies or society.

Valid sources of information are currently so hidden and inaccessible mainly because people use portals to direct them and we know that web portal are not neutral, clearly search neutrality is a joke when more than half of a Google search result (for lack of a better word!) page is paid advertising and 80% of remaining content is repeated and duplicated. One reason is the way portals (not all of them) filter information though their broken ranking system with an algorithm which its job is not really to fidn you the best match to your search but it is mostly to find the best match to firm advertising and marketing policy.

Internet should act as a valid source of information if we could reach main source of science and pure piece of knowledge without a proxy named search engine. Sorry I meant to say Google because people even do not believe in other search engines like Bing or Yahoo!

What was the last time you searched (or Googled) and the result was from a university or a valid article from a scientist? Probably 1 in 10000 or actually never! Because the whole system targets only one thing: advertising and data brokery. “Web Monsters” which is literally only Google, push content providers like web loggers to comply with their searching system which is tied to ad systems which means authors are creating crap rather than what they really believe. Again consider my weblog, I won’t be able to reach a rank with a major search engine because from robots AI POV, my content is not readable. Is a good dental clinic necessary the cleanest one? Is a good restaurant necessary what Reviews say? Is a good person necessary white?!

In order to reach the valid information on the web, first we need to change our habits and look for validated sources rather than solely relying on popular web portals. Remember, in the best case possible, popular search engines are not able to crawl and index more than 25% of the Net. That means at least 75% of the content is hidden (not considering darkweb or underground) and roughly 90% of valuable and valid information.

Published by Kaveh Mofidi

He finds simple solutions for huge and complicated issues! He believes information security and computers are fun to deal with, but the real deal is to find solution for unlimited clean energy, drinkable water, mitigate root cause of hunger, war, and injustice...We need to keep our planet livable, that is our real problem on the Earth!