say The Word and you will be Secure:”wishes don’t wash dishes”

“Talk doesn’t cook rice.”

Ancient Chinese Proverb

There is a saying in Persian…you won’t taste sweetness in your mouth just by say Sweet, Sweet, Sweet…but it looks like industry believe we can be Secure just by saying Secure, Security, Sec…

just by putting a Sec in front or end of a product, service, name, process, solution…we won’t end up having a secure one. just by having a motto with some “security” or “secure” in it we won’t be secure.

industry with support of market should focus on outcome not the surface. security professionals, IT leaders and software developers should enhance the state of security instead of finding creative ways to name and sell a security product, or filling up a fancy executive report, or compiling a fake security Policy…cyber security industry needs creativity and originality in remediation techniques.

I am so worried about seeing signs of cyber security industry following foot steps of pharmaceutical industry: let’s make pills as much effective as we do not lose our jobs…

Fair words fill not the belly

Japanese idiom

By Kaveh Mofidi

I find simple solutions for huge and complicated problems. I believe information security and computers in general are fun to deal with, but our problems are way bigger than securing information. The real deal is to find solution for unlimited clean energy, drinkable water, mitigate root cause of hunger, war, and injustice...We need to keep our planet livable, that is our real problem on the Earth! Contact me with any question or comment:

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