Kaveh Mofid has been researching, training, and consulting on practical information security countermeasures considering his essential metrics:

  • Learning as the Foundation,
  • Knowledge as a Control,
  • Originality as a Difference, and
  • Result as the Value

His main objective is working toward simple but effective computer security practices and workarounds, to resolve critical and big information security challenges, and this logic is supported by hands-on experience and a global perspective of computer science.

Areas of Expertise
● Testing: Security Control Test, Penetration Testing Frameworks & Methodologies, OSSTMM/PCI DSS/OWASP/NIST/PTES
● Training: Teaching Functional Information Security Concepts, Ethical Hacking
● Analysis: Information Security Assessment, Auditing, Baselining, Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting & Documentation
● Consulting: Information Security Management Systems, ISO 27001:2013 Information technology and Security techniques
● Research: Cyber Peace, Cyber Crime, Cyber Attack, CyberWar, CyberSecurity

Technical Proficiency
● Vulnerability Assessment: Vulnerability Scanning & Analysis, Penetration Testing Web Application Security Scan, OWASP
● Social Engineering: Tools, Techniques; and Exploitation
● Internet Footprinting: Digital Foot-Print, Internet Reputation Management, End-User Privacy Solutions
● Network Traffic Analysis: Packet Level Monitoring, Network Troubleshooting & Tuning, Incident Detection with Traffic Surveillance, Firewall Optimization
● Email Security: Phishing & Targeted Attacks, Analysis, Protection & Tracking, Secure Communication
● Intrusion Detection: Tracing Malicious User, Monitoring System and Network Activity, Breach Detection
● Malware Protection: Effective Anti-Virus Protection Techniques, Malicious Activity Prevention, Active Search and Destroy, Malware Root Cause Analysis & Elimination