Cyber Security: The Essential Role of Internet Service Provider

It has been logically proven to me that some elements of cyber security of any internet user is solely on shoulder of ISP but that has been the last thing we ever cared perhaps because we tend to complicate simple things! ISP is supposed to be the only owner, or main layer to internet user […]

Regulating Dark Web!

I came across an article the other day on Legal Considerations when Gathering Online Cyber Threat Intelligence and Purchasing Data from Illicit Sources!  A publication from with interesting insight but opened an old wound for me! Trying to regulate an environment which is naturally unregulated sounds not reasonable. it is like saying you can […]

Fix Cybersecurity Issues vs Making Money Out of Them!

Have we really been fixing cyber-security issues and challenges, or we just want to make money out of “lack of awareness”? The simplest analogy I can think of is cigarette and generally tabaco industry. If we really believed that those are against society and individual health, how much is cost of cancer and other complications […]

The Main Source of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Which firm, company or solution can have the most comprehensive source of threat intelligence? The question should come to your mind when you are shopping for this security matter for any reason. Sources can have different type of data and then convert it to useful information via either active or passive mechanisms to gather intelligence, […]

The Only Reason A System Has Not Been Hacked!

Real hackers do not randomly find a flaw in a system. There is a systematic approach to hack a system! Regardless of size and type of an online entity and its online presence, a giant company with ten thousand of employee, or a home user of the Net, the only reason a system (may) have […]

How Net Anonymity Works?

In practice, most of internet anonymous services are only exposing your net identity in a different manner, even more obvious and only in a noisier way! Long story short, if your are concerned about so-called ‘Privacy‘, do Not rely on popular techniques and tools of net anonymity! When you connect to a (Anonymous) VPN service […]

SECURE TARGET Anti-Piracy Policy

SECURE TARGET bans Software Piracy and considers it a serious Cyber-crime: SECURE TARGET spreads the words against software piracy, we do not support using of any unpaid commercial software, or without explicit written permission of author. SECURE TARGET encourage not to use any type of pirated software, warez, cracks, keygens or any other kind of […]