utilizing dark web as defense

I was shocked when I heard from a “security professional” that using dark web as means understanding cyber threats has been Just Recently been discovered by them as an effective defense mechanism! no kidding! then why we are surprised we get hacked by the most trivial TTP out there? this is very disappointing that “security… Continue reading utilizing dark web as defense

cybersecurity and culture

different cultures have different perception and reaction to cybersecurity matters because cyberspace is as diverse as real life and it consists of and affected by all cultures involved. cultures are not significantly different in terms of understanding and identification of behaviors of their members. for example being lazy may have slightly same definition in multiple… Continue reading cybersecurity and culture

Virtual NATO

It is very late for international community to act on fighting against Ransomware and Cyber-crime in general but still anything better than nothing. EU and US coordination on fighting ransomware reminds me of NATO foundation back in 1949. perhaps countries could have considered cyber crime a “global issue” sooner and act faster against organized international… Continue reading Virtual NATO