Cyber Security: The Essential Role of Internet Service Provider

It has been logically proven to me that some elements of cyber security of any internet user is solely on shoulder of ISP but that has been the last thing we ever cared perhaps because we tend to complicate simple things! ISP is supposed to be the only owner, or main layer to internet user […]

Fix Cybersecurity Issues vs Making Money Out of Them!

Have we really been fixing cyber-security issues and challenges, or we just want to make money out of “lack of awareness”? The simplest analogy I can think of is cigarette and generally tabaco industry. If we really believed that those are against society and individual health, how much is cost of cancer and other complications […]

Organic Compliance! Deep Dive into a Clause, No Matter which…

One of the effective techniques to handle ISO 27001 or any other security management standard or framework is to go deep into a matter regardless of where you want to start or even where to are forced to start.  In practice, the main challenging question and the answer for that to many organizations, when they […]

Is EFS secure?

I have seen many official statements about EFS being so insecure and we should not use it blah blah…and that is so surprising for me something from professional sources hearing a unprofessional statement, or better say, inaccurate assumption about one of the simplest and effective ways towards cryptographic practices!  Assuming you know what Encrypting File […]

The Main Source of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Which firm, company or solution can have the most comprehensive source of threat intelligence? The question should come to your mind when you are shopping for this security matter for any reason. Sources can have different type of data and then convert it to useful information via either active or passive mechanisms to gather intelligence, […]

Do Managed Security Services Elevate Overall Security Posture?

Does a managed security service enhance overall security posture? Usually No!  Managed security services are highly built on customer expectation instead of precise protocols to build a security barrier for client. There are many factors involved in quality of security services after migration to a managed service but most effective one is “client expectations”, or […]

Does Cloud Guarantees Security?

There is a wrong perception of Cloud security among consumers of the Cloud solutions and platforms. Actually, classic Clouds are more insecure than traditional computing even though it is set on stone for most people even many “IT professionals” that Cloud computing is natively more secure, or by default it is at least more secure […]

Is Whitelisting a Good Security Practice?

Whitelisting has been for sure a relatively standard and sometimes as a hardening security measure but it depends how we implement and maintain it and where it is initially enforced.  Whitelisting could be against you if setup at the wrong spot or with inadequate supportive elements. I highly recommend whitelisting behavior rather than whitelisting elements […]

Why Common Vulnerability Scanning Practice is Useless?

I hope you will find this so obvious but unfortunately security community is highly relied on vulnerability scanning in a way which makes it totally useless or even harmful!  Vulnerability assessment is evaluating of a System against known and potential security flaws. A System is simply a collection of processes, workflows, people, nodes, software…but traditional […]