ISMS is Not equal to Real Security!

Is having an information security management system equal to actual security?  No! Having an information security management system is not an indication of quality of security controls. Management systems are easier way of administration in a standard and systematic way, but they do not necessarily an indication of security control effectiveness.  As an example, ISO […]

Does Technology Solve Our Problems?

Real issues are not going to be solved bY any of those known internet applications! Currently it does not but technology could solve our problems if two factors considered:  Definition of ‘Problem’ Justifying practical ‘Application’ The former seems so obvious but that is actually the root cause of why technology is not able to solve our […]

Tools vs. Techniques

Operations fail by focusing on tool rather than technique! In context of information technology, with all primary operations like system administration, patching and updating, backup and replication, malware protection…and all related sub-tasks, focus on Tools is an enemy of the process! Defining, developing or choosing a technique in advance is crucial to an IT operation. […]

Manage Numerous IT Projects With No Resource Constraints

IT resource management is crucial in chaotic environments where multiple projects collide…  The most obvious challenge of IT managers is to make sure they meet deadlines and projects deliverables in a timely manner. This is more tangible in environments where tons of big and small projects overlap in shared resources. That is a sign of resource constraint. By resource, I mean IT […]

The Fine Art of Network Security Configuration: Micro Segmentation

Micro segmentation is the particle of an effective network segregation Network security administration barely leverages a concept which basically has been there forever and could literally saves them forever when dealing with security of network services, and that is nothing but micros segmentation.  I usually bring practical examples to my workshops so students are able […]