GDPR In A Glance

A Summary of New European Union General Data Protection Regulation The story of this legislation is to protect the personal data of the EU citizens, including how that data is collected, stored, processed/used, and destroyed once it is no longer needed. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data… Continue reading GDPR In A Glance

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Why Environment Constantly Faces Insecurities?

There is no doubt that security is not a project, there is no end and we need to constantly evolve but does it seem to you that you may put more effort you expect? You would sense some doubt about why you are constantly running after fixing issues, but is this the way security works? … Continue reading Why Environment Constantly Faces Insecurities?

The Fine Art of Network Security Configuration: Micro Segmentation

Micro segmentation is the particle of an effective network segregation Network security administration barely leverages a concept which basically has been there forever and could literally saves them forever when dealing with security of network services, and that is nothing but micros segmentation.  I usually bring practical examples to my workshops so students are able… Continue reading The Fine Art of Network Security Configuration: Micro Segmentation

How to effectively audit any ISO 27001 process?

First of all, auditor needs to be a SME, not only to the security management system, but also specifically in regards to ISO 27001. The reason is related to the fact that “terminology” or “particular definition” of terms is important.  Then there are three simple aspects of any process or policy document which should have been adequately addressed by… Continue reading How to effectively audit any ISO 27001 process?

ISO 27001 Audit Tips and Tricks

the easy way to maintain an effective, low cost and smart ISO 27001 security management system Even though there is no magic behind auditing a system based on ISO 27001, there are simple tricks which help you handle ISO 27001 or many other similar standards and frameworks, both as and auditor and auditee. I would… Continue reading ISO 27001 Audit Tips and Tricks


Once Upon A Time . . . SECURE TARGET was one of the first independent group of professional freelancers in field of IT security, founded 1996 in Islamic Republic of Iran, when even using Internet in the country was a dream! The freelance group directed by its founder, Kaveh Mofidi and initially named ‘Iran Security… Continue reading About SECURETARGET

Cyber-War: An Analysis

Let’s learn about War and away from it in order to provide peace to people… Download and read Cyber War, (PDF) An Analysis, an ebook in Farsi text. In a Cyberwar, the importance of public services is equal to military bases! Publication: SECURE TARGET Cyber-Peace in English…Soon.

Microsoft Windows Huge Text Processing Instability

SECURE TARGET (Security Advisory October 17, 2004) Topic: Microsoft Windows Huge Text Processing Instability Discovery Date: October 14, 2004Original Advisory External Links: VULDB, Full-Disclosure, BugTraq, SICHERHEITSLüCKEN, Addict3d, Ls, Der Keiler, Seifried, NetSys, Mail Archive, SecLists, Neohapsis, Checksum, Network Security, Virus, DoddsNet, ReadList, Mega Security, Security Trap, Virovvch, DevArchives Affected applications and platforms: Notepad, NotePad2 and… Continue reading Microsoft Windows Huge Text Processing Instability

PerfectNav Crashes IE

Secure Target Network (Security Advisory February 25, 2004) Topic: PerfectNav Crashes IE Discovery Date: February 24, 2004 Original Advisory External: Full-Disclosure, BugTraq, Security Tracker, xforce, SANS Affected applications and platforms: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 and older versions Introduction: PerfectNav is designed to redirect your URL typing errors to PerfectNav’s web page. Bundled… Continue reading PerfectNav Crashes IE